Business Banking

ACH and Wire Services

Direct Deposit via ACH

Direct deposit via ACH transfers funds electronically form your business account directly to your employees' accounts, eliminating manual check preparation and printing. Whether your business is large or small, electronic transactions save time and money.

For your employees, direct deposit is automatic, so their money goes straight into their accounts, ready to access at the start of business on payday. Their pay is deposited on time, every time, securely and confidentially.

Direct Payment via ACH

Simplify and automate your accounts payable by making electronic payments to your vendors and service providers. Direct payment via ACH is easy to set up and use, and the process is secure and cost effective. With direct payments, you will improve operational efficiencies while minimizing the risk of lost or fraudulent payment checks.

Wire Transfers

Using a wire transfer, you money can arrive safely at its destination the same day you send it. Files submitted to Marine Bank by 2:00 p.m. Central Time on a business day will be delivered to their recipients on the same business day. Wires are transferred securely through the Federal Reserve, with positive identification required of both the sender and recipient.

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