Business Banking

Cash Management

With Marine's Cash Management Services, your business can manage cash flow, reduce risk, and reduce operating costs more effectively and efficiently. For more information about any of our Cash Management Services, please call us at 726-0602 or e-mail us.

Business Sweep

Why let excess cash sit idle? With a Marine Bank Sweep Account, you can keep your money working around the clock. This powerful tool will allow you to maximize earnings on your operating cash, while enjoying easy access to funds.

Account Analysis

Account Analysis allows business customers the ability to offset fees and service charges by maintaining compensating balances between multiple accounts. Instead of each individual account being directly charged for service fees, account analysis allows for all service fees to be carried through the analysis and charged to one central operating account. Account Analysis is ideal for businesses with multiple accounts and a need for consolidated accounting fees.

Positive Pay

As your company issues checks, Marine Bank receives a file of these items that is compared to actual items presented for payment each day. A report of any mismatched items is then sent to your company for review and payment decision.

Wholesale Lockbox

Ideal for homeowners' associations, property management companies, sanitation firms, government agencies, health care facilities and other professional service companies, Marine's Wholesale Lockbox service is the most efficient and accurate way to provide availability of accounts receivable payments. With various options available for reporting deposit totals and remittance detail information, Marine offers the flexibility to choose the best option for your company.

Merchant Services

Our merchant services allow you to provide the convenience of debit and credit card payments for your customers, while helping you improve cash flow, minimize collections risk and meet stringent security standards to protect cardholder data.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture brings Marine Bank to you using a check scanner, special software and a secure Internet connection. You can capture images of the checks you receive and deposit them electronically from wherever you do business. It's easy; it's fast; and it's secure. There are no software, installation or training fees for Remote Deposit Capture. In fact, the only cost is a modest monthly service fee for each scanner.

Online Cash Management

Review Account Balance Status

Balance reporting is one of the primary features of our online business banking. To gain a better picture of your account position and more effectively manage your funds, the system allows you to monitor account balances and retrieve detailed transaction data. You can also monitor your float position for each account and verify current and historical activity with ease.

Initiate ACH Transfers

In a highly secure environment, you can create all types of ACH payments: direct deposit payroll, corporate payments with remittance data, dues or monthly fee collection, or concentration of funds into a single account.

Transfer Funds

The system allows you to perform real-time funds transfers between your Marine Bank accounts.

Online Bill Payment

Save stamps and time by setting up one-time or recurring bill payments online.

Multi-Level Access

You can set up multiple users within your business, specifying the functions that each employee can access.

Issue Stop Payments

Our system gives you flexible options to create orders for a single check, batch of checks, or range of checks.