Trust & Investments

Trust Services

Lay the foundation now to build your family’s future. Marine Bank takes the worry out of wealth. Our highly experienced trust advisors serve you with an unwavering commitment to understanding your needs and delivering tailored financial solutions.

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Investment Management Services

Markets are volatile. Challenges and opportunities come and go. While information is everywhere, sound advice is scarce. Things change quickly, both in your world and in the outside world.

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Our Service Philosophy

We understand that no two financial pictures are the same. Clients have singular goals for growth and income, varying tax situations and different tolerances for investment risk. Therefore, we will always manage your account individually, delivering financial solutions to fit your life. We will always strive to reach your goals for your financial future.

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Our Investment Philosophy

We don’t measure our success by comparing our results to common indexes such as the S & P 500. If the overall market is down 14 percent, we won’t be satisfied with a loss of 12 percent in our clients’ accounts. Our annual return goals are absolute – not relative. Consistent, solidly positive performance is our imperative. We aim to provide you with a rate of return that outpaces inflation, taxes and fees.

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Market Outlook

Among the many personalized services offered by Marine Bank’s Investment Management Team are monthly MarketWatch conference calls with time for your questions, and the quarterly Economic Update newsletter.

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Our Team

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