Mobile Banking

Marine Bank’s mobile options let you access your accounts anytime and anywhere!

    Mobile Website

    If you have a cell phone with Internet access but without the ability to download apps, simply browse to for a mobile-friendly version of our website, including online banking. You must be a registered online banking user to access online banking via our mobile website.

      iBankMarine App

      Search for iBankMarine in the Apple or Google app store. Using our app you can:

      • Locate the nearest Marine Bank Branch or ATM
      • View account activity
      • Transfer money between accounts
      • Pay bills
      • Turn your debit card on and off for added security

      All of our mobile banking services are completely free of charge.

      How do I sign up for mobile banking?

      Download the iBankMarine app from the Apple or Google app store, depending on your type of phone. The first time you enter the app, click the button that says "New to Mobile? Register Here." You will be asked security questions to verify your identity.

      I am unable to answer the security questions for mobile banking registration. What should I do?

      For your protection, we verify your identity at the time of registration by asking questions about past addresses, phone numbers and loans that only you would know the answer to. If you have forgotten the answers to the questions, or if you are just now establishing a credit history, you may be unable to complete the mobile banking registration process online. Please call our Customer Help Desk at (217)726-0660 so that we can register you.

      What accounts can I view through the iBankMarine app?

      You can view transaction history on all your Marine Bank accounts, including loans.

      I forgot my password. Can you send it to me?

      Your password is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone. If you have forgotten your password, just contact us at 217-726-0660.

      How does the Debit Card On/Off feature work?

      Within mobile banking, you can turn your Marine Bank debit card on and off! To protect against unauthorized use, turn your card OFF if it has been misplaced or if you don't plan to use it for a while. Future point of sale and ATM transactions will be blocked. Any previously authorized or recurring debit transactions (such as bill payments) will continue as scheduled. When you secure your misplaced card or need to use your card again, simply turn it back ON and use normally. Our mobile application tells you whether your card is ON or OFF, and you can switch your preference instantly.

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