Personal Banking

Online Banking

Our online banking application gives you around-the-clock access to managing your finances. Features include:

  • A picture of all of your account activities
  • A way to transfer funds between your Marine Bank accounts and to make loan payments
  • External transfers to your accounts at different financial institutions
  • Person to person payments to send money to anyone anywhere
  • Online bill payment
  • eBills that come directly from providers to your Marine Bank Online Banking account
  • The option to set e-mail alerts for low balances, deposits, and other transactions
  • Marine MoneyManager – online software that helps you track spending and budgeting across all of your financial accounts and credit cards
  • Electronic account statements to avoid the risk of having personal information stolen from your mailbox at home

All of our online banking services are completely free of charge.

How do I sign up for online banking?

You can register online. Click to register now.

I am unable to answer the security questions for online registration. What should I do?

For your protection, we verify your identity at the time of registration by asking questions about past addresses, phone numbers and loans that only you would know the answer to. If you have forgotten the answers to the questions, or if you are just now establishing a credit history, you may be unable to complete the online banking registration process online. Please call our Customer Help Desk at (217)726-0660 so that we can register you.

What accounts can I view through Marine Bank Online?

You can view transaction history on all your Marine Bank accounts, including loans. If you have online access to accounts at other financial institutions, you can choose to view those accounts within the MoneyManager tab of Marine Bank Online Banking. You will be asked to provide the login credentials that you use for those outside financial institutions.

I can see my account balances but how do I see my transaction history?

To view your account history just click on the underlined last three digits of the account number.

I forgot my password. Can you send it to me?

Your password is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone. If you have forgotten your password, just contact us at 217-726-0660.

How do I pay on my Marine Bank loan through Online Banking?

Loan payments are an option under the “Transfer” tab of Online Banking.

How do I pay my loan at another financial institution through Online Banking?

For your security, we require you to request external transfer capabilities within Online Banking. Click on the “Support” tab and choose the “External Transfer Setup Request” form to submit to us. We will confirm your request within one business day.

How do I pay a person through Online Banking?

Person to person payments are available in the Bill Pay section of Online Banking. Under “Payments,” select single or recurring payment. You will then be asked if you would like to pay a bill or pay a person. You will need an e-mail address for the person you would like to pay.

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