Ready to start reaching your financial planning goals? We're with you!

Connect your finances to your goals with a LifePlan crafted just for you. Whether it’s a singular goal or a comprehensive financial strategy, our holistic approach will help you make educated decisions that consider all aspects of your financial life to maximize your results.

Goals are personal; Advice should be too.

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DPP Grant Monies Available!

We're with you!
Every step of the way home!

Get up to $6000
in down payment and
closing assistance.

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It's easy to send money with Person-to-Person transfers!

Send money instantly to friends, family and anyone that has a Visa or MasterCard debit card. Much like Venmo, CashApp or Apple Pay, you can send money digitally with Marine Bank’s P2P.


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7 Steps to Financial Fitness

Achieving financial fitness requires discipline and determination over the long term, just like running a marathon. As with any type of training, becoming financially fit requires learning the principles and best practices that others have used to achieve their financial objectives.


Digital Banking is safe and secure

Conveniently access your accounts from the safety and comfort of your home or while you're out running errands using your smartphone. Banking is easy with Marine Bank.


Making a difference in OUR communities

Sticking together is how we grow and become better...together. From our beginnings, we have had a heart for the communities we serve. 

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