BankNotes Seminar - How to Have a More Positive Influence

2/16/2017 Jim Britton - Express Professional Services

Do you ever wonder why you get along with some people and experience conflict with others? Would you like to gain insight and understanding along with useful keys to greater personal and professional success?   

We invite you to enter a pathway to better relationships and more positive influence.

Begin to experience better results and more success in what you do

Have more fun at work and at home

Enjoy greater peace and harmony

Our presenter, Jim Britton, is one of the most recognized, awarded and quoted individuals in the world of Express Employment Professionals, rated one of the most successful franchise companies of any kind with over 700 locations in North America. Jim has thrived in the “People Business” investing over 36 years finding his passion and purpose in helping people to succeed at work and in life.  


A few years ago, in spite of the accolades and success, Jim found himself becoming tired of “People”.  He found himself asking questions like, “what is wrong with them?” and “why are they being so difficult?”  Then, Jim was introduced to the D.I.S.C. Profile, a highly researched and proven Model of Human Behavior.  Suddenly he understood his feelings and frustrations and most importantly what he could do about those feelings.  Now, along with his other business activities, Jim loves speaking about and teaching the D.I.S.C. model and seeing others open their eyes to better understanding and appreciation of why we act as we do while learning to embrace and gain value from our differences.

Join us as Jim shares the D.I.S.C. model.  You will learn a proven system that is easy to understand and simple to apply to your everyday life leading to more success and less frustration working and living with people.