8 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

3/8/2022 Marine Bank

When you get a large sum of cash, like your tax refund, it's tempting to spend it right away on frivolous purchases you want now. But that doesn't do you or your financial future any good! Here are 8 smart ways you can use your tax refund that will have a much longer lasting impact on you and your finances.

1. Pay Off Debt

Use your refund to pay for your debt and you can save on potential interest accrued. If you have a card with 18% interest and you’re able to pay off what you owe on the card, you’ve saved yourself that 18% interest. It’s one less bill to pay, and more monthly cash that can go toward your budget.

2. Build Your Emergency Fund

Life can get tricky sometimes, that’s why it’s important to have some financial cushion to fall on when needed. Consider building your emergency fund so you have 3-6 months worth of expenses. Keep these funds in a savings account that earns interest and is accessible so you can get to it when life emergencies strike without warning. Here's more on why you need emergency savings and how to prepare for life's unexpected expenses.

3. Grow Your Retirement

Make your future self grateful for the decisions you make today. Did you know that if you saved $2,000 a year in an IRA from age 19-26, by the age of 65 that money would grow to over a million dollars (assuming a 10% rate of return)? Consider putting your refund toward something that will benefit you in the long-term instead of something that will be quickly forgotten. Did you know we have services here at Marine Bank to help you reach financial goals, such as retirement. Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more. 

These next suggestions are a lower priority than what we've mentioned above. If you have paid off all your other debt, built your emergency savings, and you’re on track for your retirement goals, here are some other smart ideas for your tax refund. Keep in mind though, the first three ideas should take priority over the rest of these tips.

4. Put it Toward Your Mortgage

Prepaying your mortgage over time can save you a significant amount of interest over the years. However, before you commit to doing this you should be aware of the interest rate on your mortgage, your marginal tax rate (assuming you are able to deduct the interest), and other investment alternatives. In the long term, a lot of your mortgage payment goes toward interest instead of principal. Adding extra payments when you have the extra money can make a significant difference over the life span of a home loan. 

5. Invest in Your Children’s Future

According to CollegeData, in the 2019-2020 school year the average cost of an out of state public college education is around $26,500. Private colleges are up to almost $37,000. CNBC predicts that average for public college will jump to nearly $54,000 by 2035. That means a four year degree could cost over $200,000. One of the smartest things you can do for your child’s future is to start a college fund for them now so they aren’t stuck with an enormous amount of debt on their graduation day. Here's more information on the accounts we have for kids here at Marine Bank. We are always happy to chat with you and help you figure out which option is best for you and your child. 

6. Start a Savings Fund

Instead of putting expenses like vacations, new cars, or holiday costs on a credit card that accrues interest, use your refund to start a savings account for annual expenses. That way, you can pay for holidays, a new car or vacation upfront and not borrow from a credit card. Our Club Savings accounts are a great option to help keep you on track for these type of expenses.


7. Improve Your Home

While a refund isn’t enough to complete large scale renovations, you can use it to make smaller updates to your home. Small updates such as new faucets, light fixtures or flooring can go a long way in modernizing your home. It’s easy to make low-cost update with a big return to your yard as well. 

8. Donate

If you already feel financially secure and prepared, think about giving back to a charitable cause that you’re passionate about. Giving to people or organizations in need makes us feel great and brings fulfillment to our lives. Plus, donations to nonprofits are tax deductible. If you’re looking for an organization you can stand behind and support, check out these United Way supported programs: http://springfieldunitedway.org/our-work/community-fund/funded-programs/#.WPaE39LyuM8

Your tax refund is not free money, it’s your hard earned money. Make it work hard for you.



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