Mariner Club Visits Cuba!

May 4–12, 2017, our Mariner Club got to visit Cuba! They were on what is called a People to People tour, which allowed our members the opportunity to hear about the art, history and culture, as well as, opportunities to interact with Cuban locals. 


Cuban woman selling dolls on the street


Camaguey was their first stop and where they saw beautifully restored plazas and learned why it is nicknamed the “City of Squares.”  They also had stops in Trinidad, Cienfuegos and ended the trip in Havana. They learned so much history from the Cuban people.


Mariner Club members lounging in the sun pooolside

The weather was amazing the scenery breathtaking.  


Mariner Club members with authentic Cuban doll



The highlight, at the end of our tour, was a ride in the Old Styler Cars on our way to our farewell dinner. Everyone really enjoyed this trip. 

 Joan Kellermann with local Old Styler car and car owner<span id=">



If you're 50 or better and interested in learning more about our Mariner Club, contact Joan Kellerman at 217-726-0626.