4 Money Saving Tips: Planning a Kid's Birthday Party

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Although it only comes once a year, planning for your child’s birthday can be time-consuming and expensive. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to give your little one the best day ever! We have come up with 4 ways to have the best party without spending all of your money.





Set a budget

Having and sticking to a budget is the best way to save. Look at what you can afford for the whole party, then create categories like food, decorations, entertainment, etc. Breaking the budget down will help you determine the areas where you are willing to cut costs and where you know you need to spend a little more. Using a planning sheet like the one below is a great way to get started.




Buying popular theme cards can get very expensive. There are thousands of templates online to customize for free and print yourself. Another cheap option is e-vites. Everyone uses email nowadays and it’s an easy way to track RSVPs. Setting up a Facebook event for the party is also an easy way to get the word out. 


Another option is to make your own invitations which are not only creative but cost-effective. Getting your child involved in creating the invitation is a great bonding experience and makes them feel very involved in the planning.



Your child is already a picky eater, and now you have to prepare food for lots of other picky eaters. It’s time to get creative because if it doesn’t look good, kids won’t even bother tasting it. Think like a kid to come up with a great menu that they will all enjoy. Keep in mind, kids are usually more excited about what’s going on at the party than what’s on the menu, so don’t plan on making a lot of food because it may go to waste. Click on the photo below to get some yummy kid-friendly ideas.




Now let’s talk about plates and cups. Instead of going straight to the party store, head to your local Dollar Tree to pick up all of your plates, napkins and silverware. Your princess may think she needs those Frozen-themed cups, but you don’t need to spend $15 on 8 cups. Instead, buy plain cups and Frozen theme stickers to put on the cups. Not only did you just save a few bucks, your daughter now has limited edition glassware.



When you take your little one to the store to pick out decorations, they typically choose the most expensive items. Your local dollar store has streamers, balloons, signs and many other decorations that you can get you more bang for your buck. Did you know that you can even do this with supplies from the dollar store?



Your child may think they need that Lego Batman piñata, but you can make it yourself for way less. Making your own decorations may seem time-consuming, but you may find it is well worth the savings. If DIY isn’t your thing, then shop around before buying. That helps you get creative and stay within your budget. Remember, you don’t need to decorate the entire house. Fill an entire room with balloons. You can hang them, fill them with helium or have them on the floor for kids to play with. From the tablecloths to already filled balloons, you can have a party that looks like you spent hundreds of dollars on decorations.


The biggest tip is to not stress. It is really easy to please kids. They don’t need the perfect five-star party, they just want to spend time with their friends, eat a bunch of sugar and open presents. It is really the thought that counts with kid parties. Check out our Pinterest board to see even more ideas. 

What are some ways you've saved money while planning your child's birthday party? Share your tips in the comments below.