5 Ways to be a Good Neighbor



Whether you are moving into a new home or have someone new moving into the neighborhood, you can make your street a warm and welcoming place. When thinking about ways to be a great neighbor, Mr. Rogers is an inspiration. He was thoughtful, caring, honest and always found ways to be a helpful neighbor. Inspired by Mr. Rogers himself, here are a few ways you can make it a beautiful day in your neighborhood.


1. Introduce Yourself

If you’re starting from day one, find small ways to make your neighbor feel welcome. Moving is stressful and tiring and a nice gesture from a new neighbor feels good. Give them a friendly “Welcome to the neighborhood” note, deliver homemade baked goods (store bought baked goods work too) or just walk over and introduce yourself. Find a way to say “Hi, we’re glad you’re here” and make an effort to really get to know your new neighbors.


2. Say Hello

Take opportunities to say hello and ask your neighbor how they're doing. There's no need to have a lengthy conversation or ask too many questions if it doesn't feel like they want to chat, but avoiding the chance to chat does not make you a pleasant neighbor and it does not go unnoticed. Make an attempt to give a friendly wave here and there and stay in touch.


3. Mind Your Pet Manners

Pets are cute and adorable to their owners, but it’s important to realize that your neighbors may have a very different view of your pets. Excessive barking is annoying, aggressive dogs are frightening and the “gift” your pet leaves in the yard near your neighbors fence leaves a certain undesirable smell. If you have pets, be mindful of their behavior and clean up after them.


4. Be a Courteous Party Planner

Warm weather calls for fun cookouts and outside get-togethers with friends but this can get noisy quickly. Give your neighbor a heads up if you’re planning to host a party. Better yet, if you have a good relationship, invite them over for the get-together. Music can add the perfect ambiance, but be mindful of your volume and make sure you end the evening at a reasonable hour so you don't disturb your neighbors or keep them awake.


5. Keep Up Your Curb Appeal

While you don't need to keep your lawn in pristine condition, be aware that your yard and home are in the direct line of sight of many people. It's courteous to keep up with the maintenance of your yard. If it’s not garbage day, don’t leave your trash can on the curb. Unless it’s pick-up week, don’t leave large items to dispose of on your lawn. Also, take down your holiday décor within a reasonable amount of time, especially things that start to wither, like trees and wreaths. 

Do you have other ways you’d like to share about how to be a friendly neighbor? Tell us in the comments!

Written By: Brooke Thomas



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