Business Banking: Check Fraud Protection

1/11/2023 Marine Bank

Check fraud is unfortunately a large part of deposit fraud in the banking industry. In fact, an Association for Financial Professionals study completed in 2020 found 66% of deposit account fraud was specifically check fraud. 

Marine Bank’s Positive Pay is one solution to help your business fight fraudulent and/or unauthorized checks. By comparing checks that are presented for payment against a list of checks that you issued, Marine Bank can identify suspicious items that require further research before they are paid.  

Positive Pay is part of Marine's Digital Banking Platform, so all you need is a computer with a secure Internet connection and a basic data processing or spreadsheet application such as Microsoft® Excel. No special software is required, and we will provide the quick and easy training you need to get started. 

Here's How It Works 

  1. Your company transmits an electronic file of check information to Marine Bank prior to distributing physical checks. 
  2. Items matching your listed check number and amount are paid. Checks that do not match are considered suspect.
  3. Suspect items are manually examined by Marine Bank. We will correct any encoding errors or misreads.
  4. Suspect items that cannot be corrected are reported to you via digital banking. You advise Marine Bank whether to pay suspect items. 

For extra security, we also offer Payee Positive Pay. Payee Positive Pay is an additional layer of protection by matching the payee name in the issue file to the payee name on the check presented for payment. 

Please contact us at for more information on this low-cost solution to help keep your accounts safe! 


Nick Oehmke
Business Services Officer

(217) 726-0602