4 Tips to Save While Booking Travel During the Holidays

8/19/2022 Marine Bank

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are the most expensive times of the year. The average American can spend around $967 over the holidays!  Check out our four quick tips to see how you can just sit back and enjoy creating memories during the holidays.

Book your Flight Tickets Early

Miracles may happen on 34th Street, but not in holiday airfare. Millions of people travel during the holidays, so it is very rare to find a “last-minute holiday deal.” The earlier you book the better. Waiting until the last minute can set you up for airlines to charge you at top dollar.  Plus, the early you book, the more seat options there are.  You won’t have to choose the middle seat or have a three hour layover! Purchasing your tickets 21 days in advance can allow enough time to get cheap flights, but during the holiday season, it is sometimes suggested to book as early as 3 months in advance. 

Avoid Traveling on Peak Days

You can sometimes save around $100 by not flying on a peak day.  What is a peak day?  During the holidays, November 23, November 27, December 23 or December 31st are usually the most popular.  Not only will you be dealing with crowded airports, bad traffic, Uber surcharges, you may also have to deal with more delays and overbooking.  Try to be flexible with your dates, but stay away from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Those two days are the most expensive and stressful days to fly out of the entire year!

Use Your Points

Have you been hoarding your loyalty points?  This is the time to use them! Your miles have significantly lost value over the years and it’s just going to get harder and harder to use them. It’s best to use those miles now before they further depreciate. Plus, this can save you hundreds of dollars!  If you don’t have enough points for a full trip, see if you have enough for a first class upgrade. Sometimes you can get a dedicated fast lane at the airport, free checked bag or even getting to board the plane early.

Book Your Travel Through MarinePerks

Our MarinePerks accounts include personal travel agents that will find you the best price guaranteed for you flight. Not only will you know that you are getting the best deal, you will also earn 3% cash back every time you book through MarinePerks. As an added perk, we include the Good as Gold Guarantee - if you find a better price for the exact trip, MarinePerks will double the difference up to $100 in addition to your Cash Back Reward. Just call MarinePerks the same day of your travel request with your quote and tell our specialist where you found the lower price. They will take it from there! 

Another great perk is that trips booked through MarinePerks include $100,000 Automatic Flight Insurance. This means MarinePerks is there when things go wrong. Right now, there are a lot of issues with flights being canceled and people getting stranded at airports. Your MarinePerks travel specialist will handle this stress for you!  They will find you a new flight, fight for your money back and help get you set up with a hotel if needed.

Not staying with family or friends? Just like air travel, hotels can put a huge dent in your budget. You can save time searching multiple sites and book through MarinePerks knowing you found the best priced hotel rooms. Plus, when you book through MarinePerks, you will receive 5% Cash Back Rewards.  Don’t forget, you will also get the Good as Gold Guarantee. If you find a hotel cheaper, send the travel request with your quote and the specialist will double the difference up to $100 in addition to your Cash Back.  Put our travel agents to work for you!

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Preparing for holiday travel can be stressful. Use the tips above to help ease your nerves, plus keep your bank account happy! Safe travels!