Mobile Pay – The Growing Trend in Secure Payments


Use your Marine Bank debit card in mobile pay at participating retailers. Simply open the app on your phone or mobile device, hover near the payment terminal and you’re all set. It’s fast, easy, more sanitary and secure! 

It's easy to set up

To add your Marine Bank debit card to your phone or mobile device, locate the app on your phone and follow the instructions to add your card to the app. 

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Samsung Pay

Once your card is verified through Marine Bank, you're set up and ready to use mobile pay. That means you can make purchases without worrying about touching any payment terminals.

Why Use Mobile Pay?

Easy to Use

Mobile Pay is easier than paying with cash or a card. To use your default card, all you have to do is scan your fingerprint and hold your phone within an inch of the contactless reader until you see “Done” and a check-mark on the display. 

It’s Secure

It might seem unlikely but Mobile Pay is safer than traditional credit cards. Apple Pay uses tokenization to encrypt your information. That means that even if hackers get a token, it’s completely useless to them because it’s encrypted. If you’re worried about someone stealing your phone and using your card, that’s not possible either because of dual-authentication. Without your PIN or fingerprint scan, they’re not able to get into your Mobile Wallet. 

You’re Protected

If there somehow is fraudulent use of your card through Mobile Pay, all credit/debit protection applies to mobile transactions.

It's Cleaner and Safer

For those of us who are particularly alarmed by germs, this is the most obvious reason. Money has more germs than your toilet so it’s best to not touch it if it’s not necessary.

Not to mention all the times it manages to find a way out of your pocket. Nothing like that $10 in you accidentally dropped in the parking lot while juggling your purchases, receipts and keys.

Keeps You Organized

No more keeping track of paper receipts. Mobile Pay keeps an electronic record of your transactions, meaning all of your receipts are stored on your device.

Written By: Brooke Thomas

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