4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for E-Statements

9/28/2016 Marine Bank

We get it, life is busy and demanding at times and convenience is imperative. Between family, work and life obligations, priorities can change without much warning. That’s why e-statements are a great way to keep track of your finances. Here are four reasons e-statements may be the best option for you.

1. Security

When you receive e-statements instead of paper statements, your information is delivered directly to your online banking account. This significantly reduces the chance of third party interference. Our priority is ensuring the security of your account and information.

2. You get it more quickly/the day it generates

You instantly receive an email notification to let you know your e-statement is ready. At Marine Bank, we believe you should be able to get your information when you need it. Typically, your e-statement will arrive in your online banking account 24 hours after your statement is generated.

3. E-statements are free as opposed to paper statements

E-statements don’t cost you a cent versus paper-statements which vary in cost depending on your type of account.

4. Better for the environment and saves room while filing.

Going green is easier than you thought! You can also download the statements to your computer or flash drive for long term retention.


Ready to Sign Up for E-statements?

-Log into your digital banking from your computer or mobile device
-Click on the account for which you are choosing electronic statements
-In the Account Services area click on "Statements"
-Read our Terms and Conditions, using the scroll bar on the right to scroll to the bottom
-At the bottom click "View Test Document" which will download a PDF. The PDF must open in a separate window. Once you view it you can close the document.
-After closing the PDF document click "Select All" then click "Accept Terms"