Jr Money Masters

Junior Money Masters illustration

Our Jr. Money Masters campaign is designed to offer you and your child some fun opportunities to learn how to manage money together. It’s never too early to start implementing habits that lead your child to a deeper understanding of how to manage their money responsibly.

While working through each of the three key financial concepts: earning, saving, and spending, you will watch your child begin to understand how to apply them to everyday choices that affect long-term financial habits.

We have created an exclusive packet that includes several resources for you and your child. In addition, we will have opportunities for you to follow along with this campaign on our website and social media pages. They will include creative learning activities for you and your child on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages, informative posts on our LinkedIn page, as well as insightful blogs and videos on our website.

We share a common goal with you, to help the children in your life become financially prepared. Through this campaign, we will equip you with the resources and information you need to help you accomplish this goal and help your child become a Jr. Money Master!

Download all of the packet documents from the convenience of your own home or fill out the form below to pick up a printed copy at your local Marine Bank.

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