Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Improve your fraud protection measures with Positive Pay. Marine Bank receives a list of checks you issue to compare to checks that are presented to us for payment from your account(s). To ensure the transactions are legitimate we will compare several information fields on the check to the Positive Pay submission. To keep you up to date with your transactions we will send you a report of any mismatched items so that you can review them and decide whether or not they should be paid.

Payee Positive Pay is an even more secure offering of Positive Pay, increase your payroll security by adding the Payee field to your comparisons.

ACH Positive Pay

Electronic payment fraud costs American businesses billions of dollars every year. Marine Bank’s anti-fraud services protect your business by monitoring activity on your account and verifying that you have authorized debits and credits. Under federal regulations, you have only 24 hours to return fraudulent ACH transactions. We can make sure you meet that deadline and stop fraud in its tracks.




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