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1. Pre-Qualification

We start the process by learning your goals. This is also when you tell us about your financial situation, the type of mortgage you're looking for and your price range for a new home

HELPFUL TIP: Before you start house hunting be sure you get pre-approved.

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2. Application

On the application, you provide details about your job, income, debts, assets and credit. We may ask you for documents like tax returns and payroll stubs and we will need a copy of your offer to purchase the home.

HELPFUL TIP: The more detail you provide, the quicker the application process will go. 

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3. Appraisal and Credit Report

A professional appraiser will document the value of the home you are looking to purchase. We will also be pulling your credit report and scores.

HELPFUL TIP: Do not make any purchases that will negatively affect your credit score. 

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4. Final Underwriting and Approval

After we have all the information we need, we will make the final decision about approving your loan. At this point, you can choose to lock into a rate or wait to see if the rate changes

HELPFUL TIP: Final approval is based on completed application, acceptable appraisal and no change in financial position. 

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5. Closing

At the closing, you will be expected to pay the down payment and sign all forms related to the purchase and loan. Most closings are done at either the bank or title company.

HELPFUL TIP: Have your real estate agent present at the closing to address any last-minute questions.




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