DPP Grant

Get up to $6,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance

If you have a steady income and good credit, you may be able to buy a home with help from the Down Payment Plus Program. Funds from this grant are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and applicants who stay in their home for at least five years are not required to repay the grant money. 

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Down Payment Plus Grant Requirements 



Participants must: 

Contribute at least $1,000 of personal funds

Attend  home-ownership counseling

Live in the home as a primary residence

Meet the minimum credit score requirements


Current Income Limits (per household): 

Champaign, Ford and Piatt Counties

1 Person     $48,400
2 People     $55,300
3 People     $62,200
4 People     $69,100
5 People     $74,650
6 People     $80,200
7 People     $85,700
8 People     $91,250

Vermillion County

1 Person     $38,050
2 People     $43,450
3 People     $48,900
4 People     $54,300
5 People     $58,650
6 People     $63,000
7 People     $67,350
8 People     $71,700

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