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Are you looking for an account that earns interest while you save?

Marine Bank has some options for you. We have Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Checking accounts that gain interest, as well as Money Market and NOW Accounts. With these simple tools, Marine Bank can help you lock up savings for an upcoming purchase, build some short-term wealth before investing, or ensure returns without the risk of getting into the markets. Compare our deposit rates and contact your Banker for a safe and predictable investment path that fits your near future investing needs.

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Holiday Savings Account 

Holiday savings accounts are for those looking to save for planned expenses at the end of the year, such as Holiday spending. Our Holiday savings account allows you to start saving well in advance and are perfect for your larger planned expenses.

  • Minimum to open: $1
  • Monthly service charge: none
  • Interest bearing
  • Withdrawals are not permitted until the payout date

Payout date is early October for the Holiday Savings. The interest you accrue is credited to your account on the last business day before the account payout date.

If you have reached your goal by the payout date and are ready to have access to your savings, we will transfer the money to any Marine Bank checking or savings account. Want to keep saving and earning? Make a new deposit within 10 days of payout to keep your account open for next year.

Visit your nearest Marine Bank branch to open a Holiday Savings account today.

Money Market Passbook Savings 

This account offers a higher rate of interest than regular savings while maintaining liquidity for easy access.  

  • Minimum to open: Learn More
  • $10 monthly service charge for each month the balance falls below the minimum for any day of the month
  • Interest bearing
  • Unlimited deposits and in-person withdrawals

Visit your nearest Marine Bank branch to open a Money Market Passbook account today.

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Our Common Cents program is an easy way to save without even thinking about it. With Common Cents, every time you use your Debit Card, your purchase is rounded up to the next dollar and the difference is transferred to another Marine Bank savings or checking account. LEARN MORE

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