Person to Person Pay


Send and receive money instantly

No more worrying about dealing with cash or checks because with Marine Bank Person to Person Mobile Pay you can send money to anyone with a Visa or MasterCard debit card from your account easily, safely and quickly. 

Have you ever been short on cash but need to pay a friend back for dinner? Or send money to your son or daughter who's away at college? Maybe you want to offer an easy way for your coworkers to pay you back for the office coffee run you just made.

P2P Mobile Pay makes sending and receiving money a breeze. Plus, it's safe, free and, unlike other P2P mobile pay apps, there are no hidden transfer fees and no wait to “cash out.” With Marine Bank P2P you can say transfer money directly into someone's account instantly instead of having to wait to wait until you have cash or checks to pay someone back. 

Close up of hands using phones to transfer money using Person to Person transfer

Here's how it works

Marine Bank Digital Banking customers can easily set up a Person-to-Person transfer by logging in to their Marine Bank app. With just a few clicks, it’s just as simple as transferring money between your accounts or using our Bill Pay.

Follow these simple steps to set up your P2P transfer:

  • Choose which account to move money from 
  • If you have never sent to the recipient, hit ADD NEW PAYEE, PERSON-TO-PERSON and plug in the recipient's information
  • Select AMOUNT then CONTINUE
  • Hit SUBMIT


Once you hit submit, the recipient will receive either a text or email to accept the transfer. After the recipient accepts the transfer, the funds will instantly be moved to the checking account associated with the recipient.

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