Right now MarinePerks are in full bloom!

Upgrade your existing checking account to a new MarinePerks account today and we will waive the service charge for the first three months, plus we’ll match your first Everyday Everywhere Cash Back reward. That’s right! We know you’re going to love all the Perks and to prove it, the first three months are on us and we’ll match your first $10 check from the Everyday Everywhere Savings Program.* Take advantage of our MarinePerks Spring Fling offer today.


MarinePerks is blooming with value like cash back, discounts on travel and other everyday spending along with security benefits to help you protect your identity. And these are only some of the Perks! There are so many more savings, discounts and deals but it’s too much to cover here!

Everyday, Everywhere CashBack Rewards

Start earning 10% cash back for your everyday purchases up to $10 per quarter plus, get tons of discounts at your favorite stores and restaurants.

Identity Theft and Security Center Program

Rest easy knowing you have exclusive access to security features full of tools to help you stay in control of your family's sensitive information. 

First-Class Travel Services and Discounts

Get the guaranteed lowest rates, including internet rates and specials, plus get discounts and Cash Back Rewards on your travel expenses. 

More About MarinePerks

Spring on this offer now because it only lasts through May!  

*From 4/1/2019 to 5/31/2019, newly opened MarinePerks, Marine PerksPLUS, and Mariner PerksPLUS accounts (or upgrades from an existing Marine Bank account to one of these account types), will have the first three monthly service charges waived and eligible to have Marine Bank match the $10 Everyday Everywhere Savings Rewards from MarinePerks. The maximum match amount is $10. All promotional matching funds will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099 and are treated as income. In order to receive the $10 match, all rewards checks must be cashed or deposited with Marine Bank by 7/15/2019. The $10 match will be credited to your account no later than 14 days after you cash or deposit your $10 check.


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