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Get a $25 bonus when you Refer a Friend, from now until December 31st, 2019.

If you’re a MarinePerks customer, you want to know about this! We’re giving out a $25 Visa gift card when you Refer a Friend who opens a MarinePerks account from November 29th through December 31st.

Do you love all the deals and discounts you get with your MarinePerks account? Why not give your friends and family a chance to get in on all the great savings too? Right now, when your friends and family open a MarinePerks account and tell us you referred them, we are giving you, our valued customer, a $25 Visa gift card as a way to say “thanks” for recommending us to your friends and family. So now is the time to tell everyone about the great savings you get with your MarinePerks account!

Here's how it works:

1. You refer your friends and family.

2. Your friends or family stop by one of our 10 branches to tell us you referred them and open their brand new MarinePerks account.

3. We mail you a $25 Visa gift card and your friends start saving with MarinePerks!

two young women sitting at a coffee shop looking at a mobile device discussing Marine Bank Refer a Friend program


For referrer when opening account:
*To earn Refer a Friend $25 Visa gift card rewards, you must be a current Marine Bank MarinePerks customer.

*To earn Refer a Friend $25 Visa gift card rewards, new MarinePerks accounts must be opened before January 1, 2020.
*Maximum 10 Refer a Friend $25 Visa gift card rewards ($250).
*Cash and Visa Gift Card are treated as income for IRS reporting.
For the referred customer when opening account:
Referred customer, upon opening your new MarinePerks account, you agree to a one-time waiver of your privacy rights in that the referrer will be aware of your opening of this new account.

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