Kids Accounts

Get your child on the path to financial success

Monitor your child’s accounts and their activity while teaching them how to be fiscally responsible with their own account. The best part is, all of this is easily available to you any time through your mobile device or computer. Our online banking and Marine Bank app conveniently give you access to your accounts whenever and wherever you need.

Minor Savings

Saving for Your Child Now


Set your child out on the right foot financially from an early age. Your child will be a joint owner of the account, and you can help teach them the principles of banking – deposits, withdrawals, and the importance of savings!

Parental Guarantee Checking

Teach Healthy Money Habits Today


Children ages 16-17 are welcome to apply for a Parental Guarantee Joint checking account with their parent or guardian. They’ll learn the responsibility of using a debit card to access their funds and, as a joint owner, you’ll be able to see how the account is being managed. 

UTMA Savings

Save for Your Child's Future


Set aside funds on behalf of a child, according to the Illinois Uniform Transfer to Minors Act. As the custodian, you are the only one with access to the funds. Once the child turns 18, we are happy to assist you and the young adult with transferring the funds to a more suitable account. 

To open a UTMA account, please visit any of our branch locations or give us a call at 217-726-0660


Compare All Savings Accounts for Children

  Minor Savings Parental Guarantee Checking UTMA Savings
Age Requirements Under 18 and able to sign/print own name 16-17 Under 18
Can the minor withdraw funds? Yes Yes No
Are debit/ATM cards allowed? No Yes ($300 credit, $100 Point of Sale/ATM) No
Is online banking allowed? Yes, for the parent/custodian Yes Custodian may "View Only" - no transfers
Are service charges waived? Yes No Yes
ID required from minor to open Social Security Card, School ID (if they have one) Social Security Card, Driver's License or State-issued ID Social Security Card
Other Notes This account allows multiple parents/custodians. Parent or guardian must already have an existing account with Marine Bank. This account cannot be revised once the minor turns 18. We will be happy to close this account and assist in transferring the funds to a new account.


Easy ways to save

Use our Common Cents Program to save without thinking about it.

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Junior Money Masters

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