Among the many personalized services offered by Marine Bank’s Wealth Management Team are the monthly MarketWatch newsletter and MarketWatch conference calls with time for your questions about the state of the markets and our portfolio decisions. The conference calls are presented in partnership with Joe Terril and Terril & Company. 

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Joe Terril, Terril and CoJoe Terril
President | Terril & Company

Terril & Company, a St. Louis-based independent wealth management firm, has been overseeing retirement plans, IRAs and individual investment portfolios for over 37 years. An important keystone of Terril & Company’s philosophy remains to ensure no conflicts of interest exist between the company and its clients.

Terril & Company doesn’t measure its success by comparing its results to common indexes such as the S & P 500. If the overall market is down 14%, Terril & Company won’t be satisfied with a 12% loss in its clients’ accounts. Its annual return goals are absolute – not relative. Solid and consistent positive performance is it's imperative. Partnering with Marine Bank Wealth Management, Terril & Company aims to provide you with a rate of return that outpaces inflation, taxes and fees.

Just as Marine Bank Wealth Management manages each client account individually, Terril & Company also manages each of its investment selections individually. Terril & Company strongly prefer to invest in individual stocks rather than mutual funds. Its philosophy focuses on earning a positive rate of return in both bull and bear markets so that you can benefit from the multiplying effect of compound earnings.

Investments are subject to risk, including loss of principal. Investments are not deposits of or guaranteed by Marine Bank and are not insured by the FDIC.

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